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What To Wear When You Get A Spray Tan

What to wear for a spray tan

Before you head out to The Bronze Lily to get your glow on, you better do a fit check. Feel free to arrive at the tanning salon in whatever you feel comfortable wearing, but make sure you bring the appropriate outfit for after.

After your spray tanning session, make sure you dress in loose, airy, darker clothing. Loose garments help air get to your skin, reducing sweating that might cause the tan to crease or run and stain your clothes.

Darker clothing will help to avoid staining from any bronzer that rubs off on your clothes as the spray tan dries. While our spray tan solution won’t necessarily ruin a garment, it is best to just avoid the risk altogether.

During your spray tan session, you can wear as little or as much clothing that makes you comfortable. Most clients opt to wear only their underwear -- and we offer disposable thongs to minimize tan lines. You can wear a bra, but we recommend if you choose to wear one to choose a strapless and dark-colored one.

Post spray tan, it is ideal to wear an outfit that is not only loose-fitting but ideal for the weather.

When it is sunny, feel free to change into a light and flowy sundress. Easy slip-on sandals would pair perfectly.

On a rainy day, you’ll want to make sure your outfit doesn’t expose your skin. Think sweats, a rain jacket, hat, and closed-toe shoes.

For the cooler days, we suggest wearing a hoodie or baggy sweatpants. And of course, a jacket if needed.

Be sure to avoid these clothing items for at least 24-hours after receiving your spray tan.

  • Leggings

  • Tight shorts or pants

  • Tight tops and shirts

  • Strappy sandals, boots, and pumps

  • Tight socks and shoes

  • Jewelry

If you wear tight clothes, it can rub the tan off leaving you uneven or spotty, or with a creased tan. Our tanning solution will dry within 15-minutes after your session and reaches a full cure after 1-4 hours for rapid tan and 8-12 hours for standard.

If you are sleeping in your freshly-sprayed tan, wear loose-fitting cotton pajamas. One of our clients says she sleeps in a baggy black rocker tee and black cotton joggers.

So for your next tan session, remember to wear loose, dark clothes, skip the bra, bring a pair of flip flops or slides, and avoid tight clothing.

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