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The Bronze Lily Facials
Facials In St. Petersburg
St. Pete Facials

The Bronze Lily Facials

Healthy, Balanced, Natural Glowing Skin in St. Petersburg, FL

Our mission with every Bronze Lily facial is to ensure you achieve your healthiest, most balanced, and natural glowing skin while educating and assisting in creating consistency with our clients' at-home routines and regular in-salon visits.  


We are committed to always learning, evolving and expanding our own esthetics knowledge with advanced training and exploration of the latest wellness trends. We only utilize the highest-grade products. We incorporate the newest and technology such as Celluma LED light therapy to ensure the best skincare and results for our lilies.

European-Trained In The Top Skincare Practices

Continually Updated Data & Knowledge

Truly Anti-Aging Devices & Products

Globally Leading Products From Israel

Product Line

Selecting The Bronze Lily St. Petersburg for your facial needs means stepping into a female-oasis, where we have been waiting to pamper you with an hour and a half long facial, every time. We pair our atmosphere and gentle touch with industry leading products from over-seas. The Bronze Lily St. Peterburg, FL. proudly offers... ONmacabim, an Isreali company, that incorporates the unique qualities of Judean desert medicinal herbs and the high-tech developments of today's cosmetic industry. The foundations, upon which the creation of preparations and procedures is based on, combine the innovative approaches of biotechnology and nanotechnology with the thousands-years-old wisdom of using medicinal herbs of the Holy Land. Such approach allows these products and The Bronze Lily to enable your skin to withstand the aggressive impacts of the outside envirnoment, to implement quality programs directed at combating age-related changes affecting the skin, but most importantly - to preserve the true beauty of the skin. All products created in the ONmacabim laboratory have undergone rigorous clinical testing, and have received accreditation of conforming to the Ministry of health standards in Israel, Russia, and Ukraine. Their products are safe and vital for clients in their everday routines and at-home use thanks to the research-based testing, safetey, and the correct choice of ingredients. ONmacabim is not only about the external beauty, but also self confidence, success and a new life philosophy of tranquilty, based on two thousand years of experiene of many generations. It is no secret that beauty and health are the basis of our emotional equilibrium and a harmonious relationship with the world and with the Self. Our skin is a reflection of that relationship. ONmacabim takes that into account, and therefore uses "wise" dermatology, an efficient combination of internal and external therapy, guided by the individual approach to each client and ensuring comfort and safety of treatments. The Bronze Lily St. Petersburg uses the following product lines from ONmacabim to perform our facials. These lines provide The Bronze Lily with the ability to treat all skin types and skin conditions and often we will be utilizing multiple products from each of the different lines to give our facial clients a well-rounded facial experience that completely addresses all concerns and rebalances the skin. ~ DM: the range for oily / problematic skin Main ingredient in line: Helichrysum sanguineum "everlasting oil" used for anti-inflammatory, astrigent, and fungicidal. ~ NR: the range for normal, dry skin, for combatting the first signs of aging Main ingredient in line: Oenothera biennis "evening Primrose" used for its astringent and skin irritation properties. Improves the skin's hydration and its ability to develop normal barrier functions. Contains a high amount of gamma linoleic acid, which is one of the essential fatty acids vital for maintaining the normal functioning of the epithelial barrier membrane. ~ VC: the naturally high Vitamin C range ~ PR: the range for lightening the skin and prevention of hyperpigmentation. Main ingredient in line: Petroselinum crispum "Parsley" and Kojic Acid used for whitening, antiseptic, bactericidal, and anti-inflammatory properties. ~ Oxygen: the range for dehydrated skin ~ Bio-Lift: the intense lifting range ~ St Cells: a range of lifting products Main ingredient in line: Grapevine plant stem cells

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Our Facial Promises


The Bronze Lily facial bar features only the top-of-the-line, European-grade products and equipment which means we deliver REAL clinical results.  We are a results driven facial salon in St. Pete FL, believing in the power of education, routine and consistency. 


The Bronze Lily prides ourselves on creating a spa atmosphere where each client will feel like they have stepped into their own private oasis - the relaxation of our clients is among our top priorities. In every facial, we utilize luxury elements - hot towels, steam, tranquil music, ambient lighting, massage oils, and extra massage protocols during the down time when our hands aren't working ( during masks & LED light) - arm, hand, neck, & scalp massages included with every facial.


At The Bronze Lily, our aesthetician's are clinically certified and committed to excellence in the world of skincare. We strive to be in line with the best global industry standards which is why we are European-trained and continue in a mentorship program.


Bronze Lily facials only feature industry leading products and equipment which is why we utilize facial products from Israel.

Facial Menu

Consultation -


Are you a facial beginner?...  Never had a facial?... New to the world of professional skincare?

Please select this option if you are a new client to our facial bar or unsure of which facial option best suits your needs.


We will spend the beginning of your appointment discussing your skin, your concerns, your current routine and your future skin goals.


Our medical esthetician will conduct an in-depth skin analysis. Then, we will come up with a treatment plan and direction for the appointment which can include moving forward with treatment that day or scheduling treatment for a future date and time.

Signature Lily Facial - $95

Our Signature Bronze Lily Facial, at our St. Pete location, customized for you and the needs of your skin.

Our unique facial massage, signature touch, and high-quality ingredients will be the indulgence your skin was craving .

1.5 Hours to include the following:

1.  Double Cleanse w/ Steam

2.  Enzyme Treatment/Mask

3. 30 Minutes Celluma LED Red Light Therapy w/ arm & hand massage

4.  Target Ingredient Mask #1 with scalp massage

5. Targeted Ingredient Mask #2

6. Serum/Oil

7. SPF Moisturizer/Night Cream

Lily Anti-Aging Facial - $115

Our Bronze Lily Anti-Aging Facial, at our St. Pete location, customized for the needs of your skin with the added attention to reversing the clock.

We utilize two proven devices to boost collagen & elastin production.  Micro-current is also a proven device to tone, lift, and contour the facial muscles and features with results that can last 5-7 days after treatment.

2 Hours to include the following:

1.  Double Cleanse w/ Steam

2.  Enzyme Treatment/Mask

3. 30 Minutes Celluma LED Red Light Therapy w/ arm & hand massage

4.  20 Minutes Micro-Current

5.  Target Ingredient Mask #1 with scalp massage

6. Targeted Ingredient Mask #2

7. Serum/Oil

8. SPF Moisturizer/Night Cream

Mini Facial -


Only have your lunch break?  Need a quick boost of our ingredients, hydration, LED light or only derma planing?

Select this shortened facial option for a 30 minute service to include a double cleanse, one of the following, serum, and SPF application.

1.  Dermaplaning 

2.  20 Minutes Celluma LED Red Light Therapy

3.  15 Minutes Micro-Current

(Lifting & Contouring for an event)

4.  Enzyme & Hydro-Jelly Masks 

Facial Enhancements

Dermaplaning -


*Additional Info Coming...

Chemical Peel - 


*Additional Info Coming...

Alginate Mask -


*Additional Info Coming...

Stem Cells -


*Additional Info Coming...

LED Light Therapy-


*Additional Info Coming...

High Frequency -


*Additional Info Coming...

2nd Enzyme - 


*Additional Info Coming...

Extractions -


*Additional Info Coming...


Advanced Treatments

Microneedling -

1 Session $225

*Additional Info Coming...

Microneedling -

3 Sessions $525

*Additional Info Coming...

Every Facial Powered by Celluma

More Info Coming SOON...

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Equipment Rental At-Home Use

24 Hour Rental -


*Additional Info Coming...

Weekly Rental - 


*Additional Info Coming...

Monthly Rental -


*Additional Info Coming...

Purchase -


*Additional Info Coming...

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