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What To Expect During Your First Spray Tan

Okay, so you’ve booked your appointment with The Bronze Lily and are anticipating getting your glow on. Before you come in for your very first spray tan, here are a few things to expect.

First, make sure you know which tan you are getting. We offer a rapid option and a standard option which varies between price, amount of time left on before rinsing, and overall makeup. You can learn about the difference between each spray tan service here.

Next, you need to know an ideal shade of what you are going for. Your spray tan artist will ask you how dark you’d like to be and will best match you with a shade that will complement and enhance your natural color. Note: We also keep your color level in our system for future appointments.

On the day of your spray tan make sure you have exfoliated, rinsed off, avoided lotions/deodorants/perfumes, and have dressed in the appropriate attire. Here is our guide for the best way to prep prior to a session, and what to wear.

Once you arrive you will text your spray tan artist who will then come get you and walk you up to the salon room. There you will have time to get undressed to your level of comfort and remove all jewelry.

You will be given a disposable thong if you don’t want to wear your own, a shower cap if you have blonde or light-colored hair, and feet stickies to protect the bottom of your feet from becoming a darker color. Your spray tan artist will apply a special lotion to the palms of the hands, nails and toenails to prevent any discoloration.

Once you are prepped and ready to be sprayed, you can expect to be asked to stand in a variety of poses to make sure every inch of skin has been covered. Be sure to relax the skin to avoid any harsh color creases. And, know you will be asked to bend down and touch your toes to make sure the smiley lines under your bum cheeks have been tanned.

As you are being sprayed with the tanning solution, there will be a period of cool air that comes after to dry the solution. Then, a scented powder will be applied to help prevent sweating and streaking in the tan.

After you have been sprayed and powdered, your spray tan artist will then bring a warm towel to wipe the lotion off the hands and nails. You will then step out of the booth so the foot stickies can be removed and shower cap (if necessary). Once you are out of the booth you are ready to roll and get dressed.

As always, if you are ever unsure about anything or have any questions, never hesitate to ask us! We want you to have the best experience and enjoy your Lily glow!

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